Mosswood Fells' Woodland Residents

Mosswood Fells' Woodland Residents are named so for being born as very hardy critters which do well in the wilderness. Some include moles, mice, raccoons, foxes, owls, beavers, badgers, and even skunks! Read on below to meet them.

The Thistlethorn Mice
Some gifted to me when I was 4, others, collected in 2015. Replaced Willow as a 'rescue' Etsy purchase. Chester was replaced via a yard-sale lot along with Lester & Prissy, which enabled me to retire my first Lester & Prissy as Nocturnal Sun Tribe mice. Others from a lot from NJ. These mice were my most-loved Sylvanians as a child! My aunt was in the Nutcracker as a dancer, and I've always loved rodents.

The Thistlethorn family of mice in Mosswood Fells is large. At rear-left is Willow. MIddle-left is Willow's cousin, Auntie Aspen. The mouse with the newest dress is Auntie Magnolia. To the rear-right is Father Chester, who married into the family, and his cousin Sweetpea. To the front is Lester and Prissy. Aunties Aspen and Magnolia haven't wedded, as they are very spirited young ladies!

Mother Willow Thistlethorn is a busy lady indeed. No matter what, she is a selfless person who makes sure to take time for her own wellness, but is continually helping out at her job with Chester for the newspaper. She does not speak of the loss of her two youngest children, Heather and Barry (who perished with the Corntops' children), but has embraced living and loving the family she does have all the more.

Father Chester is a hard worker who went into the woods one day to help other residents work. His wife was dreadfully upset when he disappeared for days, but he returned safe and sound! He is an editor for the Fells Times newspaper.

Lester, Prissy, and Sweetpea are students within the Fells. Lester and Prissy started the Warriors' Club in school. Sweetpea focuses on music and theater under Mr. Norrister's tutelage. The Warriors' Club is a tribute to their hard work scaring off any threats along their migration towards the mountain from the fields.

Magnolia Thistlethorn works under Emmy Aurysia at Mosswood Fells Bank 'n Barter. She is resourceful and an accurate measurer for barter, and even knows the value of goods clients bring to her! She is fair, but also loves to make others laugh when there is downtime.

Aspen Thistlethorn works part time at the restaurant, and part time at the theater. She just dislikes being tied down to any one thing, and loves to do what she loves- take care of people and make them smile!

The Chestnut Raccoons
Grover was gifted to me when I was a child by a childhood friend. Received Myrtle later on. These two became well-loved and later turned into Nocturnal Sun Tribe figures; I then replaced them from the NJ lot, along with the other spare raccoons.

Durwood Chestnut is a proud father who works at Mosswood Fells' fabrication and repair shop for the Underwood family. His wife, Pansy, is good with nventory while he helps renew furniture. They are also inventors, and their clever minds help create innovative solutions as need be- including hanging their cookware to dry on their washing line at one point!

Their son, Grover Chestnut, is a prankster who was a lonely boy looking for others to understand him. Visit the stories page to know more. Grover us independent and often bullheaded.

Myrtle Chestnut, Grover's sister, reunited with her brother, though they have yet to reunite with their parents. She found out that her brother was a prankster like she was, but she is the kinder of the two of them, often serving as Grover's conscience. Both had thought themselves orphaned and will be happy to find out they weren't! Stay tuned for the story later.

Charity is a wiggly baby girl who was found by Molly McBurrows one day in the woods and has been raised by Molly since. Hoss, by contrast, is the youngest son of the Chestnut family, and is a continual food pit.

(Unfortunately, while boiling their clothing clean with baking soda and salt after receiving them, Hoss's outfit was stained pink- he's the bitty raccoon at left. However, the interior side is still a pale blueish hue. Don't be fooled by this little hungry trickster!)

The Waters Beavers
Received Roger Waters as a gift with Grover Chestnut as a child by a childhood friend. Obtained Misty via Etsy with the replacement Thistlethorn father.

The Waters family in Mosswood Fells consists of Wade, Nancy, Roger, Misty, and Sunny. Wade, the father, specializes in architectural design and construction. He is a detail-minded individual, and a strict but fair father. Nancy Waters enjoys her work as a busy florist in Mosswood Fells, and often roams around the land making specialty wildflower bouquets, harvesting the plants carefully to ensure they grow back even better than before. Roger has achieved the status of head boy in school! He was the first beaver to attend the old abandoned schoolhouse with the Corntops and Thistlethorns' children. They had met the amnesiac bear teacher and tried to make the schoolhouse more habitable. Briefly, Roger enjoyed a friendship with Grover Chestnut, but was a tattletale and too honest to stay friends- and the butt of Grover's jokes. When the Mass Migration occurred, Roger eagerly assisted, oftentimes being the first to retrieve supplies for the others!

Misty spends time under Mr. Norrister's music and theater group after school. She is honest, upbeat and playful.

The Hoothoots AKA the Treefellow Owls
My childhood friend gifted me a few of the hoothoot children when I was a kid, and their charming faces grew on me. I added to their family from the NJ lot.

The Treefellow owls accept that they are known as the Hoothoots by other Mosswood Fells residents, and don't mind. Roger Waters and Grover Chestnut encountered them one day during the Mass Migration, and the owls enjoyed playing with the two boys. At night, they stood guard on silent wings over the other Sylvanian travelers.

The owlets' mother and father, Artemis and Hermes, homeschool their children and stay in their tree-house in the outskirts of Mosswood Fells. They are mostly awake towards the evening hours and through the night, and not much misses their observation!

The McBurrows Moles
Molly McBurrows was a gift from my childhood friend, and Heidi was from the NJ lot I'd obtained. I'm aware that their names are reversed. :)

Molly McBurrows is a powerhouse, merrily chugging along through each day with a smile and twinkle in her eye. She cares little for fancy dress or fancier words, and many consider the mole lady good luck- she has found babes in need of rearing, assisted Grover and Myrtle, and does so much for everyone by taking care of babes during the day for those who need her.

Molly is happy as can be in Bernise's green pants and plaid shirt, and though it seems she's always going to wear baggy clothing in one way or another, she claims it's comfortable and lets her keep doing everything she needs to! It certainly holds up better to tending children, too. Her mole accent is very endearing. Grover Chestnut views her as a surrogate aunt of sorts. Often, she answers to "Auntie Molly McDiggens"! She loves to live, and live to love. Secretly, the Sylvanians are planning a thank you party for her and all her hard work.

Heidi McBurrows and her mother both are workaholics. However, where Molly is focused on a greater cause- that of the wellbeing of Sylvanian children- Heidi doesn't believe in doing the same as her mother. Instead, she chose her own 'tunnel vision' so to speak, and helped develop infrastructure and aquaducts wherever she happened to roam as a freelancer for her literal dirty-work. It worked very well for her, too!

The Underwood Badgers
Found at a yard sale down the road from a former apartment I lived in, along with a baby brown rabbit. The badger mother & baby were birthday gifts from eBay. The father is responsible for my renewed collecting!

Father Knight Underwood, Mother Beatrix Underwood and their daughter, baby April, are the Underwood family. Knight was named for his protective and aggressive streak when Sylvanians are threatened. Due to this, he once was lost in the woods, separated from his wife and daughter, and sought to find them again. He befriended Molly McBurrows, and reunited with his family shortly thereafter! Wade Waters is teaching him to refine his craftsmanship, and it was Knight's herbal knowhow which enabled the Windwards to have a child after many years of trying! He was later knighted by the Zan pandas, a high honor.

Beatrix Underwood runs the business end of their fabrication and repair shop. She enjoys healthy cooking with lots of tasty herbs, and especially rosemary. She is good friends with the Bouquet family, and keeps her daughter April entertained most days when their business is slower- otherwise, April is found with Molly McBurrows.

April Underwood enjoys sleeping a lot, and when she's awake, playing with toy "construction tools" and ring toss.

The Van Dyke Otters
Bought these on eBay.

The otters of the Fells are Father Ebb, Mother Flo, and their children Brook and Spring.

Ebb is a fisher and boatsman; he and his family live on their boat which they sail along the river to and from the foothills of Mosswood Fells. He sells his catches to Oliver Flynn's Fish & Game Butcher Shoppe and held in high regard by the villagers.

Flo takes control of the boat when her husband is fishing, and they often enjoy taking turns while teaching their children. She teaches swimming classes during weekdays.

Brook is a curious son, and he is eagerly learning the ropes at school when he and his sister are there. He is proving to be a powerful swimmer and a good fisher!

Spring usually can be found making paintings with watercolor pigments when not at school or doing swimming.

The Van Dyke otters were immediately met with a warm welcome as the Sylvanian villagers trekked through the woods and wound their way along its western border northward to a great lake and river. The otters in turn were all too excited to see new visitors, and decided they just couldn't leave their friends behind. Wanting to see even bigger and better, they decided to "go with the Flo" and Flo chose for her family to trek wherever the villagers did- broadening new horizons and all that!

The Slydales (v2)
Bought off of eBay.

Out on the plains west of the Buttercup family dwelled the Slydale foxes- Slick, Velvette, Buster, Scarlet, Skitter and Lindy. They encountered the bovines when they were going through hard times, and it was then that they learned how to leave behind the tedium of scraping out a den underground in favor of living under sticks and fabric made from rushes and plants. The two families formed a hesitant acquaintanceship, and overall they seem to be a very kind family despite their cunning. They recently met up with the other Sylvanians when they were migrating from the east and decided to ally themselves to their cause. So did the Buttercups. Velvette wears the pants in the family, as her husband is usually scheming- she's great at finding his loopholes and together the two are great at whatever they put their minds to! Their children are proving to be brilliant and resourceful.

Father Slick and mother Velvette's occupations are mysterious!

Brother Buster and his sister Scarlet are in the Trickster's club in school, and Buster convinced Brook Van Dyke to join as well. Skitter and Lindy are often in daycare, but are visited often.

The Renard Foxes
Bought on eBay

Unlike the Slydale family, the Renard foxes are natives to Mosswood Fells. The family is Mother Roxy, Father Eric, Mikaela and her brother Baden, and their youngest sibling Dani.

Roxy Renard loves fashion design and runs the shop called the Water Lily. Her husband, Eric, works part time in the Underwoods' repair and fabrication shop as well as the construction and design shop, wherever he is needed. He is an excellent repairman, and Roxy also takes on clients for interior design.

Baden and Mikaela are not in extracurricular school activities. Baden prefers camping, putting up the tent, making campfires properly, and learning how to be an adult. Mikaela wants to do the same, but her mother disagrees.

Dani is easily the most mischievous babe in the Fells, and Molly McBurrows has to keep a sharp eye on her!

The Bouquet Skunks
Bought on eBay.

The Bouquet skunks were discovered at the base of the Mosswood Fells' wet woodland area. Protective and shy yet curious, the other Sylvanians caught their attention while asking for directions to travel up the mountainside safely. Stilton helps his wife Rosemary in herb gathering and also keeping the area safe. Rosemary is an accomplished herbalist for her family's business, and young Sage is learning the basics of crafting incense and wild-harvesting while identifying what grows around them. Stilton Bouquet is the father of the Bouquet household. He runs FellSense Well Scents Boutique with his wife Rosemary. He is a charming individual and loves to see his clients feel good and stay healthy! He is a walking encyclopedia of herbal lore.

His wife, Rosemary, offers massages to clients, and keeps on top of the business's paperwork. She is loving, sweet-hearted, and assertive. Those who come to her for herbal advice can do so feeling completely cared for.

Their children are Sage and Jasmin. Sage cleans the shop when his homework is done, and Jasmin is in the process of learning aromatherapy from her mother after school. She also wants to specialize in perfumery someday.

Basil Hazelwood
Bought on eBay

From the Hazelwood family hails young Basil!

Basil moved in from elsewhere in Sylvania to the Redwood red pandas' gourd home further southeast on the outskirts of Mosswood Fells, near the Waypoint. After some simple construction work, the humble Thistlethorns' cousin moved in- with a simple reed mat instead of ornate carpet and his beloved canvas bed. He created a simple table and patched up the balcony, and he loves it there! In fact, he enjoyed Mosswood Fells' forested lands so much that he made himself known to the Zan pandas- and made pancakes for every Sylvanian on his very first evening in the region! He is a hard-working, optimistic, and happy mouse. Having his cousin Chester Thistlethorn in the area and his other relatives thereby only makes him even happier.

Nick Walnut
Gift from a special vendor on eBay who fixed an order for me!

A stray orphaned squirrel, Nick Walnut grew up in the great outdoors. He was found by Alphonse and the two are inseparable. To Nick- a happy-go-lucky optimist whose cheerful nature lightened up Alphonse's days- the feline friend is somewhere between the father he never had, an older brother, and a teacher all in one! Nick is discouraged that he's no mighty hunter like Alphonse, nor so suave or intelligent, he thinks- but Alphonse says he's the best gatherer and forager of plants! On top of that, Alphonse also says that Nick is quite intelligent and will be a fine young man someday! The two are deep friends and can't imagine life without one another, so of course they made their way to the Fells and applied to become villagers under the Zan Pandas' kindness! He's nervous about being a new student and meeting others.

Peach Beechwood
Bought from aliExpress with another item

Peach Beechwood is a cousin to Nick Walnut. The two met when Nick was having a very bad day at school and had run out to the woods to unwind. Peach was with two young kittens, and she and Nick discovered that they're cousins! She is a kind, thoughtful girl who helps whomever she can. She likes to explore and camp in the woods, but likes life in the Fells better. Peach since has joined the art group at school and loves to learn!

Rose Timbertop
Gifted to me in my youth

Originally, Rose was a Sylvanian out on the great Sylvanian plains with the Corntops, Windwards, and Thistlethorns. She was a math, history, and language teacher. When the schoolhouse burned down, it left her with horrible amnesia. She traveled through the Mass Migration and became a resident at Mosswood Fells, where she worked very hard to regain her memory and to re-teach herself enough so that she could resume teaching her students. Dulcinea Tussah and Alphonse Sandeia took some of the subjects and became teachers to better assist her, and she is now considered the Mosswood Fells' principal.

Artan & Nama Brambles
eBay purchased

Artan & Nama Brambles have a small, but dedicated client base. They
have long traveled throughout Mosswood Fells together, and enjoy simple pleasures- sunlight, good baked goods made with foraged foods, and each other's company! They take their shed quills and making woven baskets and writing instruments with them. Their families both were native to Mosswood Fells, though the Brambles family tree is so large that they have their own scroll within the Zan pandas' residential archives! All save these two have been humble foragers, content to live, love, and travel, and Artan and Nama are an exception. Nama is always making new roughly-sewn shirts for Artan, so she will be happy when she discovers the Water Lily Clothing Shoppe!