Mosswood Fells' Wild Residents

Mosswood Fells' Wild Residents are named so for being born as very hardy critters which do well in the wilderness. Some include elephants, pandas, reindeer, red pandas, and even wolves! Read on below to meet them.

The Zan Pandas also known as the Lords of the Mountains
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The Zan pandas dwell at the very top of Mosswood Fells, where they have a temple of their own which they tend to. Despite this, they insist on saying they have no true 'home' and that their home is where their heart is- with the land. Truly one with nature, the Zan pandas provided their support to the Sylvanian settlers- on the condition that while creating Mosswood Fells, they did as little harm to the environment as possible and would continue to do so. Of course, such a thing came naturally to be agreed upon and the Sylvanians became the first settlers of Mosswood Fells after the Mass Migration. They wear blue robes with a cloud pattern and belt with mountain motif to signify their peace in such a high elevation, and although they were given Sylvanian clothing, they choose to retain their more comfortable robes and view the Sylvanian clothes as a future gift for Sylvanians in need who may arrive to the land later. The mother's name is Feng, the father's name is Zheng, their son's name is Qiang, and their daughter's name is Jing. Zan Guang, paternal grandfather to Qiang and Jing; father to Zheng. Provides counsel to the family and has often boasted that he could eat the whole mountainside when hungry. His Solitaire Siblings, who he's raised from kittens, believes him! Not pictured, but he's a bit shorter and rounder than his family due to his age. When not tending the temple atop Mosswood Fells, they are busy helping the new citizens, practicing calligraphy, martial arts, and philosophy.

The Moss Reindeer
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Cameron Moss is the proudly-antlered father of the reindeer in Mosswood Fells. He and his entire family together work hard to produce the Fells Times Editorial & Post. He is a social butterfly who attends every public event possible. He loves 'getting the scoop' and keeps a notebook on him at all times so he can work on the go. His wife is Rowena Moss (of course unrelated to Rowena Redwood). Rowena edits for her husband and corrects his spelling mistakes, takes great pictures and insists on using the rickety typewriter that Cameron gave her when they got married- for sentimental value! He will get her a new one sometime soon. Both parents teach their son and daughter, Buck and Juniper, what they know of their job and are grooming them for the positions. Their children are great with creative writing and making a school newspaper! Juniper loves to draw pictures for their newspaper and leaves the writing to Buck half the time. She loves illustration and wants to join the local art shop run by the Eclipse cats when she grows up!

Bernise Outback Koala
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Bernise arrived in Mosswood Fells when a wedding vow renewal procession was forming. Molly McBurrows the mole caught sight of Bernise approaching, welcomed her, and hurried home to lend Bernise her spare blue dress. Explaining that it had belonged to an elderly otter who hadn't needed it anymore, Molly brought Bernise to the ceremony as a guest- and new friend! Bernise became a resident doing work as a teacher and loves sharing her knowledge on Environmental Sciences.

The Redwood Red Pandas
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Russell, Rufina, and daughter Rowena. Rowena enjoys soccer and learning at school while her mother Rufina works at the village chocolates and sweets shops for the Chocolate Rabbit family. For a while, they simply lived near the outskirts of town in a small home, but moved closer up the mountain-side. When they did, they gave their house to Basil Hazelwood. Rufina also likes the Marlowe family, and learns tennis from Mason!

The Spotter Meerkats
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Mrs. Gayle (Beatrix/Bea) Spotter, Cliff & Clarice

Cliff and Clarice are the oldest grandparents living in the outskirts of Mosswood Fells. Despite the opportunities to live closer to the village's shops and housing, they prefer to live simply and in nature, working with their paws. It was the ever-observant Gayle, their daughter. Gayle often also enjoys being out in the woods on her own. She catches news of what is going on in town, loves to help out with the babes, and even often knows what's going on before Mr. Moss himself finds out! Gayle is separated from her husband Harry, and doesn't mind living as a single adult. Life is an adventure!

The Sage of Mosswood Fells: Sujala Shakti
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Sujala is the oldest living resident in Mosswood Fells whom almost no one knows, let alone remembers. She is the last of a legacy. The oldest scrolls make mention of a wise Sage by the name Sujala Shakti. The name means "Affectionate Power". She bears great unwritten wisdom, and the great Zan panda family, the Sibilant Solitaire Siblings, and the Wandering Elemental Monks know of her. When stories of her emerge, they will be quite memorable indeed... so stay tuned!

The Lang Wolves
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Cibei and Jin Lang are a brother and sister pair of wolves, and the last of their people within Mosswood Fells. Cibei's name means 'mercy', and Jin's means 'gold'. On full moons, sometimes their howling can be heard from a distance, though none in Mosswood Fells know of them save for the Sage and the Zan pandas. Cibei enjoys weaving grass and making flower wreaths in her spare time, and Jin enjoys cultivating his understanding of martial arts with her. He enjoys poetry.

The Bagha Tigers
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Adaraniya (Honorable), Khusi (Joy), Prakasa (Light), & Pahilo (First) Bagha

Adaraniya is the husband to Khusi. He is an accomplished fisher who prides himself on feeding his family well, a martial artist, philosopher, and poet. He wooed Khusi by writing poetry about her, and when she laid down a running contest, the two both finished their race at the exact same time! He adores his family. Both he and his wife are protective of one another.

Khusi Bagha is the wife of Adaraniya. She is graceful, reserved, self-confident, and beautiful. Her favorite thing to do is run throughout the land at night with her husband, roll in the long grasses, and when her energy is spent, reading scrolls full of adventure stories!

Their cubs are Prakasa and Pahilo. Both are very young, sleeping nearly all the time, but when they are awake, they readily learn with their parents and are playful!

The Nocturnal Sun Clan
Consists of balded figures from my youth & one golden-tailed generation-1 Slydale fox, plus two snow leopards customized from Evergreens bears. The balded figures were painted black, and attempted to re-flock them, however, the re-flocking effort failed. They still look better than they did before, though!

The mysterious clan found within Mosswood Fells. Read the stories to learn more about them!