This page is a brief remembrance of the Sylvanian Families and Calico Critters figures that I've had the joy of restoring and sending off to good homes. It also is for my wants list, so "visitors" to the Fells can become residents as well!

Past Visitors

Several Evergreens adult bears, Grandmother Huntington Bear & infant, A Timbertop mother, Two families of Chestnut Raccoons, A family of Thistlethorn mice (to Teakitty), A family of Timbertop bears (to Teakitty), A Misty Waters duplicate
A family of Slydales, first-generation (to Lollipop), A pair of Bullrush frogs, Marjorie Bunny & Morgan Mouse, Timbertop Forrest, Ashley Evergreen (WhiteTire2614), Guinea Pigs in Stroller, Chihuahua dog, A few lambs, a cream Chantilly cat,
A family of guinea pigs

Past Visitors: The Hot-Foot Clan

The Hot-Foot Clan was the temporary nickname I assigned to a bunch of Calico Critters I received from a TRU display. Due to said display, they all had industrial-strength hot-glue on their feet. :( The families were: Trunk elephants, Chocolate rabbits, Walnut squirrels, sweetpea mother & daughter rabbits, Buckley deer father & child, kangaroo mother, daughter & infant.

Available For Trade & Sale

The following figures are available for trade:

Chocolate rabbits family as-is (see Residents page)
Wildwood adult rabbits (three; clothes not likely originally theirs)
Baby figures- ask me if you have your eyes on one or a few, and I'll let you know!
A family of guinea pigs, a pair of hopscotch rabbits NIB,
Nancy Brightfield & daughter, Richard Babblebrook/son figure, doctor bear, an evergreen bear father, Mango monkey mom & daughter, two Huntington bears, one Thistlethorn child, two Teardrop bears
and also one Marshmellow Mouse parent & Whiskers calico cat (UK/2004, w. 1996 apron on)

What I'm Looking For

Hi! I'm looking for the following figures and items. :) Let me know if you want to trade!

-Splashy Otter adult, Brightfield goat father- to turn into custom creatures!
-Monkey Father- sentimental purposes
-A beaten-up duck adult- to turn into a custom bird; missing beak, feet are okay
-Grey appleblossom squirrels who have no striping
-a second Basil Hazelwood so as to give him a g/f, possibly
-interesting figures

-Proper original dress for Moss Reindeer daughter (blue, has lace fringe up shoulders, etc)
-Gold princess dress w/ necklace (Japanese item) or red w/ gold accents

Thank you!