CHAPTER 2 | The Prophecy Foretold
The following contains resumed play sessions. These are very unlike the previous sessions as a kid, since brains grow and advance in time, this form of play took the shape of stories, ideas, and posing the figures for pictures. During this time, the Sylvanian Families/Calico Critters collecting bug really struck me again- I received a few families for my birthday, found a lot on Craigslist, collected some on eBay and a few more from a few yard sales. It was wonderful.

On her way through Sylvania, Nara re-met up with her friend Kaze. Together the two struck out across the land. Nara encountered Heidi McBurrows in the woods, poring over her plans to expand the waterways underground so that a local family could better cultivate their garden and have fresher water rather than as they'd been doing. They had traveled so far for it every morning and had to divvy it out among their plants and for their own use that Heidi had happened to be around to help. Nara was amazed at the familial resemblance- how many other black moles were there in the land?- and Heidi acknowledged that her mother was indeed the dog's friend! Such a small world, they remarked. Heidi needed some extra help but agreed to help Nara find Molly, since visiting her mother would be good for her after many years on her own. They finished helping the rabbit family and continued onwards, encountering a rather distraught pair of owls- Artemis and Hermes, their names were, and they called themselves the Treefellow owls. They were looking for some of their young hatchlings who had gotten lost in Sylvania some years ago and still hadn't found them. Heidi and Nara caught wind that "a young grey and white rabbit in the woods wearing a pale habit had found plenty of other Sylvanians on a journey"- that was their queue. They headed out with the owls and their remaining hatchlings as their winged guides to make their way back to Kaze.

April and Beatrix Underwood happened to be along their path home. The badger-cub was endearing to Heidi, who knew how much her mother loved children. She herself did not, but Nara convinced her to accept the badger mother searching for her lost husband, Knight. The more, the merrier, after all- and Nara nor Heidi were great at cooking. April, however, loved to. Their nights were filled with enjoyment of steaming recipes hand-foraged along their journey back north and fish caught fresh by a mighty swipe of April's hefty paw.

When they arrived at Mosswood Fells' waypoint, they chanced upon something most peculiar- four wee fox cubs playing by themselves, giggling and laughing in the dirt! More importantly, Kaze noticed, there were no paw tracks anywhere in the area! Nara was baffled but let her nose do the searching; the dog's excellent sense of smell directed her to the round, worn black table under the moss-covered tent. Someone had left the children unattended! Immediately, Heidi and the owls sprung into action, whisking them away on their own. The Underwoods went with them for protection. A most joyous family reunion occurred as Mrs. Underwood met up with her beloved husband again! He was kid-sitting while the rest of the Sylvanians migrating went about their day foraging further ahead. Hermes and Artemis found their missing hatchlings too!

Kaze and Nara hid and watched the waypoint. A beautiful young vixen with a glossy-furred golden tail clad in a black fancy dress with pink ribbons daintily seemed to step out of nowhere onto the platform, and began to address the other foxes who were beginning to arrive.

Mysterious? Maybe! I made the dress.

Many foxes showed up, and none who Nara and Kaze knew of. An otter family showed up behind them; they swiftly gestured "shhh". Wisely, the rabbit and dalmatian did so. "Attention all foxkind!" announced the strange gold-tailed vixen from the platform. Immediately all noses turned towards her. "I have arrived, and I bring a sight most unusual to you. They are felines from a foreign place which promises wealth!" As she gestured, two young kittens stepped carefully next to some trees.

Gasps of admiration rose up from the foxes; the same came from Nara, Kaze, and the otters as well. Never before had anyone seen such creatures, let alone their strange clothing. "This is but one example of such power I hold- for once, these were but young bear cubs lost in the woods, and now they are loyal to me!" Cackling, the fox vixen disappeared. Immediately, Kaze and Nara fled, the otters tailing the two. Spooked, Nara asked the otters and Kaze if they would keep it a secret. Everyone agreed until they could get further information. They rejoined Heidi and the other Sylvanians, and migrated with them further north.

Nara and Kaze both spent some time among the Sylvanians, trying to get to know the newcomers better and shake off the bad feelings they'd had about the gathering of foxes and the golden-tailed fox's words for the meantime. After spending some time on the way back to the top of the mountains, they encountered a rather strange Sylvanian standing vigil by a stream- a meerkat by the name of Mrs. Spotter!
A gift from the lovely Terra and her husband. :D Thank you so much! I love her!

"Have you seen any foxes this way?" asked Kaze, eager as ever to solve the mystery he'd witnessed. Nara sniffed the air, trying to see if anyone else was around.

"Afraid not, sorry, though there's foxes down there by the base of the woods, mmm yep, mhhmm, right as rain, they's there!" chirped Mrs. Spotter, pointing. Surely her eyes served her well- the rabbit and dalmatian both looked. Surely enough, some of the foxes they'd seen at the meeting were with the Sylvanians, laughing and joking. However, after being informed that a golden-tailed fox was behaving suspiciously, Mrs. Spotter remained convinced of her self-claimed duty to protect the area by bearing witness to all goings-on, and chose not to go meet the other Sylvanians just yet. After all, she figured, time would tell all... but if she could find out first, that would help the two monks. In the meantime she swore not to tell anyone she was looking for anyone.