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PRELUDE | In the beginning...
The old play sessions from 1988 are remembered and thus, begin our adventures...

CHAPTER 1 | The Mass Migration
In which play sessions resume in 2017, beginning with leaving their home behind... Introducing: Buttercups, Honeys, Knight Underwood, van Dykes, Tuxedos & Redwoods! Further introduces Nara and the Zan pandas of the mountain peaks.

CHAPTER 2 | The Prophecy Foretold
Two elemental monks, Nara the Water Monk and Kaze the Wind Monk team up and discover a most horrific event has occurred at the Waypoint. Meanwhile, several families are oblivious as they reunite together and continue on in their migration. Introducing: Kaze, Reynards foxes, Heidi McBurrows, April & Beatrix Underwood, snow leopard Sylvanians

SPECIAL | The Tallest Mountain Peak and Winter Solstice Dawn
Freya Chocolate ends the Mass Migration! Are our weary travelers home at last?!

A Happy Reunion
A beautiful spring-time gift blooms. Introducing the Babblebrook & Redwood families, and Gayle Spotter

Newcomers Arrive
In which some Sylvanians arrive independently to Mosswood Fells to find their new way in life. Introducing Mr. Shea Norrister, Mr. Alphonse Sandeia, Nick Walnut, & Zan Guang ... and more

Bustling Fells Life
Detailing the opening of the Babblebrooks' store- and the first to open within Mosswood Fells! Followed by a few more shops...

Summer Fun, Western Mosswood Fells
Oliver & Shreve enjoy the outdoors, and Shreve has a secret to tell.

Nick's Very Bad First Day at School
In which Nick Walnut tries to adapt to Fells living and finds some bad luck... or is it?

SPECIAL | The Adventures of Joanne Springer of Foxbridge!
A story of a little kangaroo who traveled the world and visited Mosswood Fells!

Goodbye, Babblebrooks!

In which a few new residents arrive, yet a well-loved family is saying goodbye. It's bittersweet!

Tale of Times Tried & True
Rowena Redwood and friends find adventure on the mountain, and learn something special!

SPECIAL | Endsummer's Night
A tale featuring new faces- and new adventures!