Let's visit Mosswood Fells!

Mosswood Fells has a beach on its northwestern outskirts, a freshwater river due south, a mountain range running northeast to southwest, grasslands to the northeast, and thick forests to the east and west. Sporadically around its outermost edges are wooden signposts with the Mosswood Fells crest etched into it and painted gold. At the base of the mountain range, there is a symbolic gate of wooden logs next to another one of these signs. As a traveler walks along the wooded trail, it becomes a steep, sloping uphill road. This is what the residents call UpDown Road- one is either traveling up it or traveling down it! At the first level plateau is High Street. It is a horizontal lane with shops carved into the rock. High Street then curves on its right-side-end further up the hill, towards and into the Mosswood Fells mountains.

Mosswood Fells imports textiles from Purrchester. Its neighboring villages and towns are Fisherport (due east), WhisperWood (southeast), Acorn Valley (southwest), and further away due south is Dawn, Yellowood Oaks, and Possum Creek. Visitors to and from Mosswood Fells are ferried by the Van Dyke family of river otters. Often, they also bring cargo to the mountainside!

There are many noteworthy places in Mosswood Fells. Let's visit them!

The Outskirts
This forested area has a wonderful, herbaceous fragrance. There are strangely-shapen trees every so often, suggesting at shapes both playful by day and intimidating at night. Plenty of herbs can be found here, as well as lovely flowers and delicious fruits. The forested sprawl shows many modest trails leading to a broader path which is sun-lit by day and moonlit by night. At the base of the mountains, the Outskirts become hillier, and then UpDown Road begins to lead into Mosswood Fells proper.

The third diorama I've ever made used three bottles of glue, a giant ziplock bag of brewed-and-redried-tea, preserved moss, clay, tinfoil, and foam, along with some rocks and fenugreek seeds. The tannins from these materials could possibly stain the figures, so I only use it for photoshoots rather than something the figures sit on for a long time.

Mosswood Fells Waypoint

The Waypoint is a travelers' temporary sanctuary in most weather conditions. Only a few within Mosswood Fells know its significance and history. It is comprised of five ebony-wood pillars, covered in moss and lichens which have grown on it over time. Inside is a mysterious wooden platform bearing a table with a small space for cooking on it, or simply for others to warm up by lighting a modest fire- the top of the tent has a vent for their safety.

Those who visit the Waypoint feel like there's something special about it, and they may be right!

Inspiration from Ashmimi's tent tutorial. This was the first diorama I ever made, and used destash materials I had on hand. Black velvet, plastic grass, styrofoam ball 'picks', and bits of foam were used.

The Gourdy House Residence

The Gourdy House was an incredibly oversized gourd which just kept growing and growing. Eventually, it became so heavy that nothing- and no one- could move it! The Redwood great-grandparents hollowed it, made it habitable, and lived within it. They passed it onto their great-grandchildren, and as young Rowena grew, her parents decided to sell it to a new resident in the village who sought housing- Mr. Basil Hazelwood! He bought it from them, and enjoys it to this day. The Gourdy House is equidistant between the Waypoint and Mosswood Fells' proper.
Second diorama I made. It was a gourd I found, hollowed and dried, screwed onto canvas board, filled with foam and origami paper, and plastic and markers were used to make the stained glass window. It lights from the top chimney with an LED tealight candle, and wooden pieces were added for the balcony.

Mosswood Fells Proper

The following are the buildings and community spaces within the mountains!