Mosswood Fells' Lapine Residents

Mosswood Fells' Lapine Residents are named so because rabbits and hares are lapines! One knows that where there is one rabbit, often times there are several nearby! Read on below to meet them all.

The Corntops
My first family when I was four years old, then later added to by a lot purchase from MA

Father Hector and his family lived on Sylvanian grasslands. Sadly the Corntops lost both of their tiny babes- Malina and Bianca in a horrible accident, but that is not spoken of and the family tries to heal and move on. They endured the Mass Migration, and when the Babblebrooks built their store, the Corntops were more than happy to help!

Hector Corntop loves his vegetable garden. When the Babblebrooks started their business, he was more than happy to begin farming for them! He enjoys chatting with Nancy Waters and other gardening-minded residents in the village. He is calm, understanding, and an all-around good guy.

Christabel Corntop is proud of the orchard that she began making, and proud of her family's accomplishments. From enduring the Mass Migration into becoming farmers for the Babblebrook family- and feeding many in Mosswood Fells- she enjoys making fruit baskets for customers, and bartering for flowers every so often when she gets a bumper crop. She loves her children and though she dearly misses her infants, she continues to live and love.

Scott Corntop is a speedy rabbit indeed. He has a naturally hasty demeanor. He loves racing against Sabrina Sandeia, since the two are nearly equally matched! Scott, his sister, and Cromwell joined the Warrior's Club in school, and he often focuses on agility and doing the next right thing!

Kirsty Corntop loves to do dance events and is a powerful swimmer. She spent a lot of time learning to swim across rivers and streams. She loved the water so much that at one point her fur fell off of her! Thankfully it grew back. She enjoys music and theater under Mr. Norrister's supervision.

The Yules
Customized by Greenbearshire & Grandma's Originals

Grandfather Pine Yule has a family home nestled deep within the thickest part of the forests in the foothills of Mosswood Fells. He and the other Yules only really show up around the time of the winter solstice to do their shopping in Mosswood Fells' village! Do these ol' bones bother him any in such hostile weather? Nah, he is as enduring as the trees themselves! He is warm-hearted, sports a dapper mustache, and is full of stories and wit to keep everyone happy. His favorite story is that of how he met his wife, Holly! (This story was a gift written by Greenbearshire- thank you!)

Grandmother Holly Yule is a clever bunny who is skilled with her hands. She enjoys embroidery, sewing, and fabric arts, oftentimes making beautiful clothing and practical gifts for those in need. Some have nicknamed her "Holy Holly" for her generosity. She taught her son Claus everything he needs to know!

Father Claus Yule lives with his wife in another half of the Yule property. He is a healthy young man who enjoys taking care of his parents and living off of the land. When the draws near, he crafts as much as he can! And then when solstice arrives, you can be assured Claus is doing his family name honor by distributing gifts to other Sylvanians, especially those in need!

Mother Merry Yule married into Claus's household and together has lived happily with her husband. She particularly enjoys event planning, business relations, and doing her best to help get the word out when the Yules are coming to the village! Her job became much easier once the new postal service from the Brightfield family was introduced and became established.

The Cromwells
Cottontail rabbits
Found in a yard-sale app a cottontail boy, in a thrift store, found the others

Cromwell (in blue shirt), the former Wandering Wind Rabbit Monk, was a restless boy with potential. He made friends with the dog monks he encountered one day while playing near his family's estate. He was raised by the Zan pandas when he was found cold and alone one night during a snowstorm, then continued his studies until he was promoted to be the wind monk. Cromwell took on the name of Kaze, and was trained further. Despite that the other monks were dogs, the young bunny did well. However, during the time that young Joanne Springer visited Mosswood Fells, the other monks found their way back to the Cottontails' estate, and bore the message to Cromwell that his family was looking forward to seeing him return home when he completed his work. He retired and a new wind monk was found, who then took up the name Kaze in Cromwell's place.

Father Bertran Cromwell is a successful businessman across Sylvania. As such, he isn't home very often, but makes sure to spend time with his boys when he is. He is a whiz with numbers and takes care of his family's needs and wants. During a snowstorm one year, his sons ran out early to greet him- and became lost doing so. He is overjoyed to have his sons back together and learn of how young Cromwell has grown.

Mother Hildie is not great at numbers, but is excellent with gossip and socializing. She is a chatty, nosy rabbit who won't hesitate to fight for the right thing to be done when there's an injustice. She has passed this on to young Cromwell, and in her spare time practices embroidery. Her works are ornate and often fetch high prices! She loves her sons and was overjoyed to receive news that her young Cromwell not only was safe during a snowstorm, but had taken up responsibilities- and then yielded them to be back with her.

Brother Allen, a great racer in the Fells' student body in school, enjoys running around at top speed. Hildie and Bertran have largely given up on trying to get him to use 'indoor speeds', so he has free reign to run around outside until dark- providing he does all his homework, of course! And he does. He is great at completing it, studying hard, and enjoys life to the fullest. It is a rare moment when the family gets together.

This family has adopted Richard Babblebrook (below).

The Windward Rabbits
Gifted to me when I was four by a childhood friend's father

Lilly is Christabel Corntop's best friend. The two are always together, though Christabel is always worried Lilly is disrespecting her wedding dress and that it will become damaged beyond repair. When she's mentioned this, the chocolate-furred rabbit shrugs and always sticks to her agreement- "I promised Hickory I would wear it until it falls apart. Until then, I can just keep washing it. I know t'isn't appropriate to be wearing it around all the time, but I can't bear to let it sit unworn! It's too lovely for that." Lilly is head over heels and has tried to bear children with Hickory and has recently- finally- just succeeded. Baby Peanut Windward loves to play with the edges of Lilly's dress.

In the meanwhile, Hickory simply can't remember where he's put his pants and shirt, though he's certain he will find them eventually. He threw them off after the wedding and the clothes were the least of his concerns at the time! They recently renewed their vows as their community started their mass migration which led to wherever they would call home, with Mr. Van Dyke officiating and the entire community cheering! He truly loves his wife and vice versa.

The Babblebrooks
Babblebrook rabbits
Bought one all by his lonesome online; others later on Craigslist
Traded all except for Richard Babblebrook (furthest-right)

Richard Babblebrook is their eldest son. Oftentimes, he is the most responsible and does plenty of busy work, stacking the shelves, dusting, and excelling in sports. However, he is very shy. He has dreams of becoming a lumberjack, but despite this was raised into farm living with his family. He surprised his family when they had to relocate (see "Goodbye, Babblebrook" story) by refusing to leave Mosswood Fells to keep the renovated farmhouse open! He was subsequently adopted by the Cromwell rabbits and continues to do the best he can by raising plants and running the Fells' Way Farm & General Store! He is now known as Richard Brook-well.

The Chocolates
Chocolate rabbits

Frasier runs a sweets shop and is considered the head culinary artist, with his wife a skilled close-second. He and Terry enjoy making all manner of delicious treats for the villagers!

Terry runs the village sweets shop with her family, who all help out together. She loves making chocolates, and her daughter Freya thankfully doesn't eat them!

Coco, Freya's brother, is being put to useful tasks around the house and shop. Thankfully he enjoys making deliveries!

Freya Chocolate is responsible for discovering Mosswood Fells! During the Mass Migration, she managed to save everyone during the cold snowstorms! She doesn't like chocolate, but gladly helps out with treat filings.

Mr. Shea Norrister
Snow Warren rabbit
Bought on eBay

Mr. Shea Norrister is a dignified riot waiting for the right moment to spring into theatrical action! From the Snow Warren clan, Shea has traveled far and wide, staying cozy and handsome in his favorite woolen tailcoat, trousers, and tiny top hat! (He insists that the top of his head gets cold, but his ears do not.) He fell in love with the bustling new village at Mosswood Fells. After talking the Zan panda family's little round ears off faster than a beetle could run, he won their hearts and secured a position for himself as a teacher of Music and Theater director. He certainly never bores his new students! Can he ever do something in a calm manner? Certainly not!

pic here of Pearl Rabbits

The Pearl Rabbit Family
Marguerite Rabbits
Bought on eBay

Mr. Beau,

Mrs. Alleffra,

Teddie & Lanassa Pearl are the Pearls' children.