Welcome to Mosswood Fells 2.0!

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What is Mosswood Fells?

I made this site to share with other collectors and their families. It is a source of enjoyment as a hobby for me. My first figures were gifted to me when I was four years old, and thirty years later, they are still doing great! They are a source of cheer in my life. Happiness in life is important!

Tell me more about Sylvanian Families/Calico Critters!

In March of 1985, Japanese company Epoch produced a line of beady-eyed, fuzzy (flocked) animal figures called Sylvanian Families. They formed books, TV episodes, and more, and then gradually distributed them to other countries. In the USA, they are known as Calico Critters. There are offshoots, called Maple Town, Baerenwald, and more. Sylvanian Families/Calico Critters are a healthy way for children to enjoy a form of play which will become nostalgic as they grow older, and they can explore different ways of life, growing up, and bond together with one another. The various families provide different animal species, encouraging differences to be celebrated.
Totally worth it. :)

Enjoy! I sure have.

~Mosswood Fells