Mosswood Fells' Woodland Residents

Mosswood Fells' Woodland Residents are named so for being born as very hardy critters which do well in the wilderness. Some include moles, mice, raccoons, foxes, owls, beavers, badgers, and even skunks! Read on below to meet them.

The Buttercup Cows
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The Buttercup family lived west of the woods, on the plains of Sylvania, several days away from the Corntops and the villagers. Because the villagers hadn't gone all the way through the westerly woods- a one to three day trek- they had never met them. The Slydale Foxes met them, however- and learned how to craft tents from them. Grateful, the two families began a careful acquaintanceship; the elderly Angus was distrustful of them and stayed in his tent. Accidentally, Cheddar stomped on Mrs. Slydale's tail and Mrs. Slydale thought it was Angus!

Father Hornbull Buttercup enjoys peace and quiet. His favorite things to do are take nature strolls, which provide him with a lot of inspiration for poetry. He loves seeing his children enjoy identifying trees and plants!

Daisy Buttercup is a nosey lady by default, and always likes to know what others are up to. She is a natural social butterfly, and is very cheerful. She is also generous and believes that a problem shared is one halved. The only critters who don't always take her advice is her children!

Paddock Buttercup is Daisy's son. He is frisky, jumping and skipping everywhere. He is great at playing sports in general, but really likes gaming the best. Hide and seek is one of his favorites, even though he fidgets a lot and inevitably breaks cover.

Annabell Buttercup is not affiliated with after-school group activities. She is very calm compared to her older brother, and prefers to take her time with everything. She grows flustered when asked to pick up the pace. She prefers a clean way of life, but gets frustrated when Paddock ropes her into things she doesn't feel like doing!

Angus Buttercup is Hornbull's father and the children's grandfather. He is stubborn as an ox, speaks his mind, but is a true-hearted individual who loves his family. He joined the Defense of the Fells once everyone had relocated from the Mass Migration to Mosswood Fells, as he believes the forest environs versus the plains will help him get into better shape- and it has! Unlike the Treefellows owls and the Spotter meerkats, he prefers to reside with his family in the village, indoors.

Cheddar Buttercup is a babbling babe. He likes attention, feeling good, and never stops his chatter. He loves nursery rhymes, and fusses about being read to. Daisy believes he will become a great talker!

The Brightfields Goats
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Nancy Brightfield moved her family into Mosswood Fells as part of a job offer from her friend Eric Renard. She enjoys doing upholstery and sewing work when not raising her children. For fun and side income, Nancy loves to make herbal soaps with herbs from the Bouquet's shop.

Billy Brightfield moved with his wife and daughters to Mosswood Fells, only to realize that no one used a mailing system! He appealed to the Zan pandas and upon gaining residency for himself and his family, became Mosswood Fells' first courier! The mail system he implemented has always been on time since!

Mandy Brightfield was inspired by her father, and in school began a penpal and letter exchange to help support it. She loves to send letters across Sylvania as well!

Jenny Brightfield is the youngest goat in the family, but enjoys the outdoors and nursery playtime. She is a very quick learner!

The Marlowe Cats
Received as a birthday gift from my hun! Second set free via Sears coupon.

The Marlowe cat family is large. There are four kittens- Garnet, Topaz, Obsidian, and Jade. There are two sets of twins- Liliana and Rosa, as well as Lily and Rose. In this bustling household of eight children, there's never a dull moment! Their mother and father are Mason and Natalie.

Natalie Marlowe is a dance teacher at the fells. She has captured many an admiring gaze, and loves to share her skills with others. She loves shiny things, and sometimes collects whatever catches her eye. She named their infants after her favorite gems, saying to her husband that they're 'jewels of her heart'!

Mason Marlowe does tennis, track, football, and soccer, and teaches these at the Fells. He is a very agile, athletic cat, and loves to dance with his wife in his spare time. Despite his extroverted demeanor, he is a family man and spends all his time with his wife and children on his time off.

Lily Marlowe is reliable and also good at sports. She loves tennis, and is her father's best student. She loves to go shopping with her twin sister Rose. However, she is camera shy!

Rose Marlowe loves to wear pretty clothing and feeling good. She dreams of being a famous dancer when she's older. She often likes to swap clothing with her sisters, and this sometimes leads to upsets when she forgets to ask them first! She is getting better about it.

Liliana Marlowe is less interested in sports and more interested in fishing and racing on tracks. She loves speed and being active! The faster, the better. She enjoys tumbling down hillsides and pushing her endurance so she can be the most agile cat in Mosswood Fells! She also enjoys shopping, but for musical instrument songs.

Rosa Marlowe is considered the most mature out of her siblings, and despite being Liliana's twin, finds herself enjoying school and learning better. She likes peace and quiet, and often can be found surrounding herself with books!

The Keats Cats
Assorted eBay 'Rescues'- Daughter from HK, Mrs. from WA, other two were gifted*

Ellie Keats works with Mina at the Fells' chocolates and sweets shop. Due to this, Mina is learning to be a prolific, and good, baker, and isn't enrolled in any extra-curricular activities in school. She is a single mother who lets her daughter know every single morning that she loves her so much.

Dante Keats married into the family and changed his name for his wife . He loves art, and enjoys making beautiful and skilled paintings with Enai Eclipse at the art shop.

Arabella Keats enjoys the dramatic, and Mr. Norrister hired her on for theater workings. She and Dante have no children.

Isabella Keats enjoys a peaceful day to day life working with flowers at the flower shop. She and James are the youngest grandparents in the Fells. They are Ellie and Arabella Keats' parents.

James Keats became a blacksmith after becoming a resident in Mosswood Fells with the Keats family. He employed Kime Eclipse, and the two enjoy working on metal together.

The Sibilant Solitaire Siblings
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Shrouded in mystery, there is something special about the Solitaire siblings. They were rescued as kittens by Zan Guang, who lovingly raised them as his own. However, it seems that they never grow old! They are perpetually in their 20s, and enjoy astrology and doing business administrative work for the Zan panda family.

Tellulah Solitaire enjoys reading tea leaves and studying their shapes. She finds meaning in everything, and is an excellent herbalist. She is a great communicator, and easily the friendliest of the Solitaire siblings. She wears no sleeves, as she finds they often get in her way.

Celestine Solitaire loves astrology and astronomy alike. She wears a one-sleeve-off-shoulder dress, enabling her to carry vast quantities of books at the same time. She is a quiet cat, thirsty for knowledge and experience. She loves continually honing her skills, and enjoys knitting to keep her mind sharp.

Altair Solitaire is a martial artist under Zheng panda's firm eye, and he practices daily. He gets along with his sisters with great enthusiasm and zeal. He often embellishes his stories with his noble airs. Zheng gently reminds him to tame his ego so that he will be a better Sylvanian as he grows up!

Vega is known by a small nick on the side of her muzzle. Story holds that she fought a dangerous serpent to protect Mosswood Fells, and won with her own bare paws! She is also a martial artist, but prefers practicing fanciful calligraphy and studying scrolls. She is detail-oriented with business administration, and also known as the quietest Solitaire. She only speaks when spoken to or if she must- and in as few words as possible. Vega is also quite polite!

The Eclipse Cats and their best friend, Skye Silverstone
From the Marlowe Cats sets
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Kime Eclipse is a go-getter who loves loud and fast music, and such often can be heard while he's working on whatever technological invention strikes his fancy or working in the smithy. He loves fancy food and being with his husband. Kime is very no-nonsense and direct, often inadvertently intimidating those who don't know him! However, he is golden-hearted and Sylvanians at the Fells love him.

Enai Eclipse is Eclipse's husband. Enai is quiet, friendly, and enjoys making his way as an artist in the Fells. He might be purring and knitting one day and painting the next. Enai loves his husband deeply. When not making things, he loves to spend time with his husband wherever they go!

Skye Silverstone is Kime and Enai's best friend, and a close friend of Dulcinea Tussah as well. She recently moved to Mosswood Fells and became hired on as a fur stylist and groomer at the Water Lily Clothing Shoppe! In her spare time, she also likes to visit the imports shop with Enai for ideas.

The Sandeia Cats
Kittens gifted to me from the Sylvanian Families Forum- thank you. Sabrina from China.

Alphonse Sandeia views Sylvania as his stage, but arriving at Mosswood Fells he feels most at home. So, he decided to live here! He is young, and an adept hunter. He lived simply off the land, preferring to be solitary, but one day encountered a friend- Nick. The two became fast, complementary friends, though initially it was hard because Nick was a morning Sylvanian and Alphonse absolutely was not. Now, he is a part time math teacher at the Fells. Becoming a community cat was challenging, but he adapted. No one is a greater shot with numbers or marksmanship with his bow and arrows!

Sabrina Sandeia is Alphonse's little sister. She took care of Lily and Merle on her own after the family was separated. They all have yet to find their parents or find out what happened that sent everyone on their own paths, but she is glad to be a student at Mosswood Fells, and still spends time with Lily and Merle when they're out of daycare.

Lily and Merle are his two infant siblings. Like their big brother and sister, both are little explorers who love to play! They love Molly McBurrows as well.

Shreve Fisher
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Shreve is an excellent fisher who loves to engage in friendly competition with whoever wants to spend the day fishing with him! The best friend of Oliver Flynn, Shreve decided to travel to Mosswood Fells region together when Flynn suggested a change of scenery. The rich fish in the streams and forest-studded ponds were perfect and now Shreve spends his days working with his friend and Ebb VanDyke at the Butcher Shoppe half a day's travel from the mountain where the settlers now call their home! Shreve is secretive and sometimes reluctant to be sociable. He writes about fish in his spare time, and has an impressive catalogue of preserved scales! He is a gentle, empathetic cat at heart. Hand-made fish painting on top of hand-made overalls. Thanks to Koh for the suggestion of overalls vs trousers!

Oliver Flynn

Came in an eBay lot

Oliver Flynn is the sunny-natured, active owner of the butcher shop half a day's travel from where the Mosswood Fells residents call home. He is usually up to his paws with either business paperwork or inventory work! Oliver is best friends with Shreve, and no one knows how the grey fishing cat puts up with Oliver's boisterous and talkative personality! (Some even say 'loudmouth' with a smile when out of earshot.) Oliver loves to hear about opportunities where his store's foodstuffs can be served. Overall, he is quite fun to talk to and many folks who stop in for a quick grocery run find themselves leaving an hour later or longer after chatting with him!


Dulcinea Tussah
Gifted by my hun for my birthday

Dulcinea Tussah is a super-sweethearted language teacher at the Fells. She loves to read to the children and students, spending time among babe and youth alike. She loves adventure as well, and occasionally gets restless enough to explore when the mood strikes her! She arrived in the Fells with two Persian kittens, and met Molly McBurrows. The mole gladly took them in and raised them alongside the other babes.

Thanks to Greenbearshire for the two Persian kittens (not pictured!

The Wandering Elemental Dog Monks
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Yama is a quiet, nurturing young akita dog who believes practice makes perfect. "Even wind can erode the greatest mountains," he often reminds people who ask him for advice- meaning to keep working at an obstacle until one goes over, around, under, or through it. Easily said to be most firm in resolve, Yama is sometimes stodgy since he believes in results and evidence! He can also be stubborn- but so can the other monks! After all, working hard is what they do... and he is the Earth Monk.

Nara is an amiable friend of the Zan pandas and also an acquaintance to Molly McBurrows. Nara is known for her endless font of energy- she's easily able to keep up with kids no matter what, it seems- and also for the grace and poise with which she carries herself. The residents of Mosswood Fells speculate that perhaps she's someone special and other than a simple traveler who favors the ocean shore. If it's true, Nara is keeping her muzzle shut. Grover Chestnut is intimidated by her friendliness, but Myrtle really likes her. Nara is a quiet individual when not around other Sylvanians, and often spends quiet time with the Zan pandas in reflection. She is the Water Monk.

Kaze has accepted the role of the Wandering Wind Monk from Cromwell Cottontail, who released his position with the blessings of the Zan pandas in order to be reunited with his family. Kaze is extremely extroverted and loves to interact with others in the quest for knowledge. Sometimes he thinks too much and grows restless, but the others nonetheless love and support him. Kaze remains as the Wind Monk.

Haru is highly visible due to her bright-orange and white fur. She is cheerful, mobile, abrasive, loud-mouthed at times, and considers herself an unflagging optimist. She loves rough-housing, honing her physical and personal limitations. She is very independent, and reciprocative towards her fellow monks. She is the Fire Monk.

All monks are close friends with the Sibilant Solitaire Siblings, and are not often seen in Mosswood Fells village. Haru's best friend is Altair. Nara loves quiet time with Vega. Kaze enjoys learning with Celestine. Yama and Tellulah are best friends as well, enjoying greenery together.

Plumparella Prettyfur
Thank you to the kind lady at Toys R Us for the display figures

A delight to everyone who meets her, Plumparella is a portly cavy who is talkative, a bit eccentric, has an eye for fabrics and materials, and makes a living selling them to other villagers. It is said that she lived in the thickets near the Treefellows owls as an astronomer. She had a change of career, and loves it!

Her family is as below:
Pic here

Emmie Aurysia
From an eBay lot

Emmie Aurysia is a latecomer to the Mosswood Fells region. No one really knows where the hamster came from, and Emmie shrugs it off and laughs when asked. She became a resident of Mosswood Fells and received the blessings of the Zan panda family and the Sibilant Solitaire Siblings to begin setting up Mosswood Fells Bank 'n Barter, and hired Magnolia Thistlethorn to help out. She is extremely adept with numbers! Even though being social isn't her thing, she is a sweetheart who is well-loved by other villagers, and smiles often!