Demographics of Mosswood Fells

By Family, in Chronological Order of Ownership

Corntops: Hector, Christabel, Scott & Kirsty (2 duplicates to replace my original Hector & Christabel), Cora

Windwards: Lilly, Hickory & Peanut

Thistlethorns: Chester, Willow, Lester, Prissy, Auntie Aspen, Auntie
Magnolia, cousin Sweetpea (Heather & Barry: accident)

Chestnuts: Durwood, Pansy, Grover, Myrtle, Charity, Hoss

Babblebrooks: Richard Brook-Well (traded the others, 2021)

Waters: Wade, Nancy, Roger, Misty, Sunny

The Hoothoot aka Treefellows Owls: Hermes, Artemis, unnamed owlets

McBurrows: Molly McBurrows aka Auntie McDiggins, Heidi McBurrows

Underwood: Knight, Beatrix, April

Buttercups: Hornbull, Angus, Daisy, Paddock, Annabell, Cheddar

Slydales (v2/Honeys): Slick, Velvette, Buster, Scarlette, Lindy, Skitter
Outback: Bernise

VanDyke: Ebb, Flo, Brook, Spring

Marlowe: Mason, Natalie, Lily, Rose, Liliana, Rosa, Garnet, Topaz, Obsidian, and Jade

Zan: Zheng, Feng, Qiang, Jing, Guang

Eclipse: Kime, Enai

Redwood: Russell, Rufina, Rowena

Renard: Eric, Roxy, Baden, Mikaela, Dani

Bouquet: Stilton, Rosemary, Sage, Jasmin

Spotter: Gayle B. Spotter, Cliff, Clarice

Chocolates: Frasier, Terry, Coco, Freya

Moss: Cameron, Rowena, Buck, Juniper

Nara, Water Monk (black-spotted dalmatian)

Cromwell Cottontail, former Wind Monk (grey rabbit)

Sibilant Solitaire Siblings: Tellulah, Celestine, Altaire, Vega

Brightfields: Billy, Nancy, Mandy, Jenny

Holly & Pine Yule (thanks, Terra of Greenbearshire!)- 2017

Snow-Warren: Shea Norrister

Sandy Cat: Alphonse Sandeia

Walnut: Nick

Keats: Ellie & Mina Keats, Arabella &
Dante Keats, Isabella & James Keats

Hazelwood: Basil

DePembroke: Haru

Fisher: Shreve

Beaman: Oliver Flynn

Trunks: Sujala Shakti

Lopez: Kaze

Tailbury: Yama

Goldbacke: Emmie Aurysia

Sabrina Sandeia (Sandy Cat), Peach Beechwood (walnut exclusive to beechwood hall)

Pettyfur: Plumparella Prettyfur (aunt)
Lily & Merle Sandeia (from Lollipop/birthday)

Merry and Claus Yule- (thanks, Terra of Greenbearshire!)- 2018

Silk Cat: Dulcinea Tussah

Cottontail: Bertran (father), Hildie (mother) & Allen

Persian kittens: (unnamed 1) & (unnamed 2) (from Greenbearshire & restored!)- 2019

Knockoff “Huskies”: Cibei & Jin Lang (Aliexpress, 2020)

Grey EasyBuy Cat: Skye Silverstone

Brambles: Artan & Mina Brambles

Mango: Quentin Mango

Cuddle Bear: Amas Deluca

Splashy Otters (turned tigers): Adaraniya (Honorable), Khusi (Joy), Prakasa (Light), & Pahilo (First) Bagha

Marguerite Rabbits: Beau, Alleffra, Teddie & Lanassa Pearl

Non-Residents of Questionable Motive

Two Snow Leopard Kids Turned from Evergreens by Magic
Nocturnal Sun Tribe-

Rabbits Malina (boy), Bianca (girl)

Mice Barry & Heather Thistlethorn, older siblings to Lester & Priscilla

Raccoon girl, Grover's older sister Vinca

One Golden-Tailed Fox Villainess

Babes of the Fells:
April Underwood, Hoss & Charity Chestnut, Cora Corntop, Peanut Windward, Cheddar Buttercup, Jenny Brightfield, Sunny Waters, Lindy & Skitter Slydale, Dani Renard, Daisy Maple, Lily & Merle Sandeia, Garnet, Jade, Obsidian & Topaz Marlowe, & Persian

Students of the Fells (Youth/Adolescents):

Thistlethorns: Lester, Prissy, Sweetpea
Chestnuts: Grover & Myrtle
Babblebrooks: Richard
Corntops: Scott, Kirsty
Marlowe: Lily, Liliana, Rose, & Rosa
Waters: Roger & Misty
Buttercups: Paddock & Annabell
Renard: Mikaela & Baden
VanDyke: Brook & Spring
Redwood: Rowena
Slydale: Buster & Scarlette
Bouquet: Sage & Jasmine
Chocolate: Coco & Freya
Moss: Buck, Juniper
Brightfield: Mandy
Walnut: Nick
Keats: Mina
Cottontail: Cromwell, Allen
Sandeia: Sabrina
Beechwood: Peach

Student Roles:

Head Boy: Roger Waters

Warriors' Club (student-run): Lester & Prissy Thistlethorn, Scott & Kirsty Corntop, Cromwell Kaze

Tricksters' Club (student-run): Grover & Myrtle Chestnut, Buster & Scarlette Slydale, Brook VanDyke

Music & Theater: (assisted by Mr. Norrister) Kirsty Corntop, Misty Waters, Sweetpea Thistlethorn

Art (student-run, sometimes helps Music & Theater): Spring VanDyke, Juniper Moss (school newspaper), Peach Beechwood

Sports: Rowena Redwood (soccer), Paddock Buttercup (gaming), Scott (racing), Sabrina (racing, soccer), Allen (racing)

Creative Writing: Buck Moss (school newspaper), Mandy Brightfield (letters/penpal exchange)

Unaffiliated with extra-curricular programs in school: Nick Walnut, Coco & Freya Chocolate, Sage & Jasmine Bouquet, Mikaela & Baden Renard, Annabell Buttercup, Liliana, Lily, Rose, & Rosa Marlowe, Richard Brook-Well, Mina Keats

Parents of the Fells: Hector & Christabel Corntop, Lily & Hickory Windward, Durwood & Pansy Chestnut, Wade & Nancy Waters, Hermes & Artemis, Knight & Beatrix Underwood, Hornbull & Daisy Buttercup, Slick & Velvette Slydale, Ebb & Flo VanDyke, Mason & Natalie Marlowe, Zheng & Feng Zan, Russell & Rufina Redwood, Eric & Roxy Renard, Stilton & Rosemary Bouquet, Frasier & terry Chocolate, Cameron & Rowena Moss, Billy & Nancy Brightfield, Molly McBurrows, Ellie Keats, Isabella & James Keats, Bertran & Hildie Cromwell, Adaraniya & Khusi Bagha

Grandparents of the Fells: Cliff & Clarice Spotter (the oldest pair of grandparents), Holly & Pine Yule (from Greenbearshire), Isabella & James Keats (the youngest pair of the grandparents),

Single Adults: Bernise Outback, Molly McBurrows, Heidi McBurrows, Shea Norrister, Alphonse Sandeia, Basil Hazelwood, Nara Water Monk, Kaze Wind Monk, Haru Fire Monk, Yama Earth Monk, Sibilant Solitaire Siblings, Shreve Fisher, Oliver Flynn, Sujala Shakti, Plumparella Prettyfur, Quentin Mango, Amas Deluca

Child-free Adults: Kime & Enai Eclipse, Shea Norrister, Alphonse Sandeia, the four Monks, Solitaire Siblings, Dante & Arabella Keats, Basil Hazelwood, Oliver Flynn, Shreve Fisher, Sujala Shakti, Merry & Claus Yule, Skye Silverstone, Quentin Mango, Amas Deluca, Artan & Mina Brambles

Non-Heterosexual Individuals: Enai & Kime Eclipse (pansexual), Oliver & Shreve Fisher (gay)
Single Parents Raising Children: Ellie Keats
Non-Cisgender Individuals: Bernise Outback, Emmie Aurysia

Fells Teachers: Rose Timbertop (general- receiving help from others; formerly math/history/language)
Early Youth Care (EYC): Molly McBurrows; sometimes Heidi McBurrows
Environmental Science: Bernise Outback
Mathematics: Alphonse Sandeia
Theater & Music: Mr. Shea Norrister
History: Quentin Mango
Language & Writing: Dulcinea Tussah

Physical Education & Electives Teachers:
Dance: Natalie Marlowe
Swimming: Flo VanDyke
Tennis, Track, Football, Soccer: Mason Marlowe
Archery: Alphonse Sandeia (when he retires from hunting meat/butcher shop!)
Nutrition & Culinary Arts Teachers: Basil Hazelwood & Amas Deluca

Sage of the Fells: Sujala Shakti

Lords of the Fells:
Zan Guang, Zan Zheng, Zan Feng, Zan Qiang, Zan Jing (administration, martial arts, calligraphy, philosophy etc)

Fells Astrologers & Astronomers:
The Sibilant Solitaire Siblings, Tellulah Solitaire, Celestine Solitaire, Altaire Solitaire, Vega Solitaire

Defense of the Fells/Fells Guards:
The Hoothoot/Treefellows Owls, Hornbull Buttercup, Angus Buttercup, Gayle B. Spotter, Cliff Spotter, Clarice Spotter

The Wandering Elemental Monk Dogs:
Earth: Yama, the Wandering Earth Dog (grey akita)
Water: Nara, the Wandering Water Dog (dalmatian; black-spotted)
Fire: Haru, the Wandering Fire Dog (corgi)
Air: Kaze, the Wandering Wind Dog (chihuahua)

Holiday Seasonal Occupations:

Holly, Pine, Merry & Claus Yule- responsibilities: winter-season event planning, organizing, sales, and all related business relations and miscellany

Italics indicates a diorama/scene created for said place.

FellSense Well Scents Boutique
Families: Bouquet family

Fells' Way Farm & General Store
Families: Babblebrook family-owned, now owned by Richard Brook-Well, Windwards & Corntops family for produce suppliers

Water Lily Clothing Shoppe
Families: Roxy Renard as owner, fur stylist/groomer Skye Silverstone

Fish & Game Butcher Shoppe
Families: Oliver Flynn, owner; Ebb VanDyke & Shreve Fisher fishers, Alphonse Sandeia hunter

UpDown Chocolates & Sweets
Families: Chocolate family-owned, Rufina Redwood, Ellie & Mina Keats as bakers

Running Waters Florist Shoppe
Families: Nancy Waters, owner; suppliers Corntops/Babblebrooks part time, Isabella Keats

Midnight Arts
Families: Enai Eclipse, Molly McBurrows (part-time craft supplier), Dante Keats

Mosswood Construction & Design
Families: Eric Renard, Nancy Brightfield, Wade Waters, Heidi McBurrows

Underwood Fabrication & Repair
Families: Beatrix & Knight Underwood; owners, Durwood & Pansy Chestnut, Eric Renard,

Keats & Co Smiths
Families: James Keats (small weaponry, metal functional goods), Kime Eclipse

The Fells Times Editorial & Post
Families: Moss family-owned, Chester & Willow Thistlethorn

Crystalwood Restaurant
Families: Crystal Babblebrook as creator & Basil Hazelwood as co-chef; part-timer Aspen Thistlethorn.
However, Crystal moved with her family, but the restaurant's name remained.
Basil retired. Crystalwood Restaurant now run by the Pearl family with Aspen Thistlethorn!

Nor'easter Theater
Families: Arabella Keats, Mr. Shea Norrister [part time], part-timer Aspen Thistlethorn

Mosswood Fells Bank 'n Barter
Families: Emmie Aurysia, Magnolia Thistlethorn,

Mosswood Fells Imported Fabric
Families: Plumparella Prettyfur

Quills Calligraphy & Basketry
Families: Artan & Nama Brambles

Newspaper, The Fells Times: Chester & Willow Thistlethorn, Cameron, Rowena, Buck & Juniper Moss

Construction/Design Detailed Info: Wade Waters (construction/architecture), Heidi McBurrows (infrastructure/aqueducts), Knight Underwood (antique restoration & journeyman woodworker), Beatrix Underwood (mechanics/gears), Kime (technological invention and repair work), Eric Renard (repair/mending), Roxy Renard (interryor design), Durwood & Pansy Chestnut (inventors), Nancy Brightfield (upholstery & sewing)

Occupation Mysterious/Unknown: Slick & Velvette Slydale, Cibei & Jin Lang, the Bagha family

Tiers of Power Within the Fells

By Status:

Zan Pandas, Sibilant Solitaire Siblings, Wandering Elemental Monks, Sage
Defense of the Fells/Fells Guards
Citizens (all occupations)
Students & Babes

The Mosswood Fells have belonged to the Zan Pandas for many generations, though the Renard foxes would sometimes quietly claim otherwise. The pandas hold absolute authority with the Sibilant Solitaire Siblings, named so for their habit of hissing when whispering in the halls, said to be so to keep their voice down and make it harder for others to listen in. The Solitaires provide advice to the family of pandas based on astronomy, astrology, common sense, and objective logic; and after they all reach a mass consensus, then they act upon such and issue decrees to the residents. The residents of Mosswood Fells are grateful for the lives they've built there after the Mass Migration and love the Zan family. They are still somewhat nervous around the Solitaires as the latter are very aloof and stick to business- administration, astrology and astronomical concerns.

Mosswood Fells hold teachers up very highly in society. As such, they receive lots of respect and often discounts in their daily needs. The Defense of the Fells/Fells Guards are Mosswood Fells' first line of defense; should they falter or be unable to further protect their citizens, teachers are expected to step up and assist the citizens, commanding temporary leadership. Teachers are considered to be at their posts for as long as they choose to teach. Equally importantly, they are expected to continually be as their own students: practicing what they teach and learning ever more to continue their expertise, and recognize that their students are also their teachers in a sense.

The Wandering Elemental Monks have a very special role within Mosswood Fells. They are considered in their own category of administration: that of spiritual protection of Mosswood Fells. However, the theology they believe in is a result of very special oral spiritual history through the Zan Pandas.

The Monks' Vows aka the Four Recognitions

“We recognize that the land around us is alive, and we are spiritual caretakers of all living beings within Mosswood Fells. To such a responsibility and joy, we continually hone our abilities and well-being to be of the best service to ourselves in balance with those around us. It is in our actions, each day and night, which build integrity and results. No garden blooms overnight. ~Earth

“We recognize our ancestors in the folds of night and timeless turning of the tides- they have become our Sparkling Ones who guide our way among the stars, and our Gatekeeper, the being who grants us knowledge of mysteries beyond Sylvania in the spirit of love and joy. We honor our future generations in the light of day. We freely pour our love, compassion, care and adaptability into every fluid moment so our hearts are full- and so are theirs. ~Water

“We recognize our intelligence and insight over instincts, and that as we expand in life we rise up to broaden our horizons. We must heed others' well-being at all times to weave our personal stories with that of others, and that this creates refreshing and true communities. We must freely travel, interact and communicate in order to thrive. Thought and speech must be carefully measured in order to cross any distance. ~Wind

“Each Sylvanian is a beautiful, unique being, and never before nor ever again will there be the exact same expression standing under the moon or sun's light. Thought and feeling become action- and action lights the sparks of further actions. With change as one of the only constants in life, we help others reach their passions and transform into even greater potential in self and in communities. ~Fire

“Therefore, we seek to light the way for any Sylvanian who finds us who requires our assistance with their spiritual growth. Our mothers and fathers are in Sylvanian soil, water, breeze and flame, which nurtures, purifies, gives us breath and warms us. We depend on them for all that we have. We perceive sameness in each expression and the dynamic balance therein.

“To this end, we practice the living traditions and convene as one every other year- to hone our abilities and share our knowledge with one another under this vow. When the time comes, we will release our position to one we have personally trained who shows discipline, empathy, integrity and love. They will then take our place and carry the same vows as we did as heirs from our mentors.

“This we so swear in secrecy, though the words be spoken unto the wind- we the elemental monks hereby carry ourselves to the four directions so that these words will be scattered once more and only we and those who have taught to us these things will know.”

Each monk receives the position from a previous monk of said element, and they may or may not have been called to do so. The position lasts until they find a suitable heir to personally train, who must then take on their own vows with the oversight and approval of the teaching monk. The earth monk teaches discipline; wind empathy; fire integrity and water love, as well as the gift of elemental magic. They are immediately dismissed from their post and the magic stripped from them should they misuse their abilities.

Citizens enjoy as much responsibility as they personally choose. With the Zan pandas and the Sibilant Solitaire Siblings acting as administration, one can say that it is run wisely and lovingly.