Mosswood Fells' Regional Crest

Mosswood Fells proudly displays its crest at the front gate of its village, at the base of the mountain and again at its outskirts. The crest has multiple meanings.

Three dots for sunrise, three dots for moonrise in cyclical harmony

The six dots represent beads of water. Just as water becomes moisture and the air and trickles down again, Mosswood Fells residents believe that what you do comes back to you, so be kind and fair.

Three hearts depicting a waterfall

Next, the Mosswood Fells crest has three hearts, or three tiers like their waterfall does. The hidden meaning is that these hearts are also three pairs of paws clasped together, symbolizing support, community, and overcoming obstacles.

A tall crest

The Mosswood Fells crest is also tall, symbolizing a mountain's height. It depicts reflection in symmetry, and residents consider this symbolic of the quest to know one's self, and to be the best critterzen they can be!

Visitors often see the three hearts first, but anyone who asks a Mosswood Fells resident will find out that it is so much more than that: it's not just a crest, but a way of life.